Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ready, Set, Party!: Giant puppy eats small child... News at 11.

Lights,Camera,Party! as the name would indicate, is a party game.  It's a motion controlled game for the PS Move.  Personally, I am not a big fan of motion controlled gaming.  I think one day it may become an incredible UI--I picture something crazy in our future like a Lawnmower Man-esque virtual reality and motion control.  Here's the thing-- we are a long way off from that kind of precision.
So, mini-games, let's talk about them.  There are a lot of them (50+).  Most aren't that fun.  Well, most are over so quickly that by the time you figure out what to do your turn is done.  I spent a lot of time just being frustrated with the game because, even with the brief explanation before each mini-game I was still confused.  Once I figured some of them out I was enjoying it a little more.  Plus, making fun of others for failing at a simple task is always entertaining.

My favorite mini-game was one in which you control a kid running away from a giant plush-looking puppy.  You have to jump over or slide under blocks to get away.  If you screw up too many times the puppy eats the kid.  I found this hilarious.  The overall game has a wonderful sense of humor.  It's a very silly game.

There is actually a story-mode.  It's simple and dumb, but well done.  A tv-host named Gus Pacho (like gazpacho?)is covering the launch of a new satellite for his tv network when the launch goes wrong.  It destroys a family's home and Gus decides (at the suggestion of a worker-monkey) to turn this accident into an opportunity for a game show.  And that's how it begins.  This family is on a game show to win the house of their dreams.

Depending on which family member you play as will determine how the house will turn out.  If different family members win different rounds the house will end up as a patch work of differing designs.

Other than story-mode, there is the obligatory party-mode.  This has three variations. 

  • Survival (lose a mini-game and you're out)
  • Hot Alien Egg (a hot potatoe style ruleset in which you have to win a mini-game to throw the egg to someone else.)
  • Lottery (win lottery tickets for winning a mini-game, but in the end it's a random winner). 
So, I can't say that this is a bad game, but it isn't something that I would buy on my own.  As a party game it does everything it intends to.  It's a silly, cartoonish pack of mini-games that a group (2-8) can enjoy.  So, if you are in the market for a mini-game collection and have the PS Move-- go for it.

Here's a video of a bunch of us playing it.  I must admit we had fun with it.


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