Sunday, December 8, 2013

Announcing Indies Need Booze Paxy Easty Edition with Explosions

We are keeping this short and to the point.  Indies Need Booze is coming back to PAX East! Sign up right here on our Eventbrite page. On April 11th from 9pm to 1am come to The Asgard for Indies Need Booze. We have two new tickets we have our standard free ticket and a ten dollar Drunken Indie Pass. For more details check out all the info on our eventbrite page or on our Indies Need Booze webpage! Act now because tickets are going to fly off the digital shelves, so to speak! See you all at PAX East!

Sincerely, John and Jacob

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Podcast Changes

Hey everyone!  We initially started hosting our podcast through, but have discovered there are too many limiting factors such as time limits, distribution, and cost.  We have changed over and are now hosting our podcast through  Overall cost is much lower and the benefits are greater.  In addition to this, we will soon be on iTunes!  Hopefully we can get our act together and make some quality content!

I have added a link to at the top menu of our page titled "GIPcast".  That should make things easier for everyone.

Right now, only our most current episode is up on PodcastGarden, but I will add the past episodes soon.  Not all of our content on SoundCloud is available right now, but don't worry.  It will all be on PodcastGarden soon enough.  Also, I will throw out an update once we get rolling on iTunes.


Friday, November 22, 2013

No Time for a Rain Check

I've, as of late, have grown bored with the idea of games.  Not because I don't like them or because I don't enjoy my time playing with them, but in a world of increasingly ludicrous multitasking most games seem hollow.  This presents an interesting problem for me because I don't enjoy overly complicated games either.  What I need is a happy medium in which I can play something that is to the point.  I need something that is fun right away.  It has no learning curve beyond the first few minutes, but is able to retain my interest.  It is hard, but not too hard.  It has to have everything I want it to have.  I know, I am a greedy mother f'er.  I want what I want and I will drop a game within seconds if it's not providing (it's kinda like speed dating).

I found all this in Risk of Rain (and pumping up my favorite music while playing).  This game is pure and simple.  Last as long as you can.  If you die, then game over.  It's got multiplayer, so that helps-- if one of you survives the level then the other is revived in the next.  Did I mention it gets bat-shit crazy?  The longer you play the harder it gets.  There is a constantly increasing difficulty meter.  I don't even know what the hardest difficulty level is called.  I've only ever got the meter half way up. 

So, enemies are constantly spawning in around you until the count-down on the portal ends, which you have to find and activate in the first place.  Once activated, all hell breaks loose and you are rushed for 90 seconds.  A "boss" spawns in, which you have to deal with along with all the remaining aliens on screen before you can use the portal.  Oh, and the levels are randomly generated so finding the portal isn't as easy as you think because it's never in the same place.  Beyond that, you need to balance time with item/power-up collection.  Jump in to the second level too quickly and you'll never survive. 

The best part?-- It's only 10 bucks.

You can buy it on Steam or at . If you buy direct from Hopoo's site they get more cash-money since Steam isn't taking 30% cut of that.   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GIPcast - Episode 4 & Late Night

This is a two-parter with some late night goodness.  Unfortunately the first twenty minutes were lost because... the nether realm or something.  It's still an hour and a half of goodness with Jake, John, and special guest Marc.  Check it out.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GIPcast - Episode 3 (Figgy Edition)

This week we have John, Jacob, Othman, and special guest Steve.  I feel like we might finally be getting a handle on this stuff.... maybe.  We talk about Jacob's adventures at Boston FIG, Kickstarter, Indies Need Booze, and Steve's game addiction dodging methods.